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Jul 12, 2012 11:00am PDT
the single most important thing we want to achieve is obama to be a one term president. not, not to get us out of this recession. not to promote jobs. not to do the things that needed to to be done. but make barack obama a one term president. >> let's go ahead and bring in our "news nation" politicalle panel. richard fowler with alice stewart and ann henderson, political reporter for "the washington post." good afternoon to all of you. richard, i want to start with you. did the vice president deliver today in houston? >> the vice president delivered, craig. i got to tell you, the truth of the matter is the vice president went there and told the naacp the truth. we know that mitch mcconnell and republicans want to make president obama a one term president. they are willing to do everything possible to make that happen. they are willing to stall bills, stall job creating measures, do everything to make the president fail and the vice president pointed that out today. >> there was speculation around these parts the white house deliberately decided not send the president but to send joe biden
Jul 11, 2012 2:00pm EDT
intensify the problems in the african-american community. >> reverend, to your point, governor romney using the term obama care. he does not refer to the law in massachusetts that he inspired which you have pointed out is on his official portrait as governor of massachusetts. he does not call that will romney care. he would actually prefer to call it nothing when you talk about it, but nevertheless, talk about the issue of unemployment in the african-american community. we played the first clip of the governor referring to the african-american community and if they're looking for a president who will work for them, he is this person. he was very obviously ginger when acknowledging the historic signatures of the first black president, but saying here i am. don't look at my race. look at my policies whatever they are that we've not seen that he somehow believes will make life better for blacks. >> and i think that if we look at his policy, then he failed to say how those policies would address the disproportionate amount of black unemployment, particularly when his policies say let us protect
Jul 12, 2012 2:00pm EDT
romney has used the 1999 departure date to shield himself from claims that he was at the helm when that company allegedly drove companies into bankruptcy, laid off workers, outsourced jobs as well. we should note that one of the fact checkers that he mentioned put out a statement today saying a lot of these claims, citing with the romney camp. even if he wasn't at bain at the time of the outsource how much does all of this continue talk hurt his campaign? >> well, it certainly hurts the campaign and i will say one of those fact checkers is our checker here. you can see the romney campaign is lachg on to what these fact checkers have said and calling out the obama campaign for telling falsehoods. so far that doesn't seem to necessarily be working and certainly not enough in terms of what republicans want to see mitt romney put up, which is evidence of that he created jobs at bain and to really flush out what his record there was. but we can tell, i think, from this reaction that the romney campaign is take on some water around bain and you've seen this narrative particularly out of
Jul 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
unemployment in the african-american community. now at 14.4% higher than any other racial group. joining us by phone is the reverend al sharpton host of msnbc's "politics nation." let me get your reaction to what we heard from governor romney. >> well, i think that he did what was expected. he had a hard audience for him, but i think that what was interesting to me is, i think it was calculated, tamron, that he was gog attack the president's affordable health care act. call it obama care and expect that he would get some kind of displeasure from the audience because i that he wants to be able to be play to the right wing and to his conservative base that i went in and stood up and that i'm not a wall flower, i'm not one that goes from one side to the other. i stood up where i knew it wasn't going to be popular. i don't think that he went to the naacp to get support. i think he went there to play to independents that he would go and that he wanted to play to the right wing that not only will i go, but i will stand up for our beliefs. when you hear him lay out his policy, how on the one hand
Jul 10, 2012 2:00pm EDT
the places i used to travel in illinois. the first race i ran as a state senator, michelle and i had to xerox or go to kinkos and copy our flyers. we didn't have a tv budget back then. we rode around in my car, and i filled it up with my gas and i'm the one who got lost if i took a wrong turn. what's amazing, though, when i think about it was how many people you'd meet from every walk of life all across illinois in big cities, small towns, up state, down state, quads, you name it. and you'd always hear similar stories from people about their parents, their grandparents, the struggles they had gone through and how they had been able to find a job that paid a living age and to look after their families and their kids had done a little better than they did. those stories would resonate with me and michelle because that was our story. that was our lives. and then when i came to iowa for the presidential campaign, first stop, cedar rapids, first stop. [ cheers and applause ] first stop. >> we love you! >> i love you, back. the first stop was cedar rapids. then we went on to waterloo, and that was
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)